Perth Keswick Convention holds two Bible teaching, family-oriented conventions each year, one in Autumn and one in Spring. These conventions are held at Perth Keswick's campsite - Camp Wattle Grove - and are renowned for a wonderful time of fellowship.

Perth Keswick conventions traditionally span a weekend - from Friday night through Sunday night. Across the weekend, attendees are blessed by the ministry of a guest speaker and congregational worship during 7 services (one Friday night, three Saturday and three Sunday). 

Children's ministries and crèche services are provided during the messages.

Esperance Keswick Convention holds one Bible teaching, family oriented convention each year in various locations around Esperance.  These conventions also typically start on a Friday and end on Sunday evening with four services spanning the weekend.  (one Friday night, 1 Saturday night and two Sunday).

A men's breakfast is also normally held on the Saturday morning where the guest speaker for the weekend gives a personal talk to the men over a cholesterol-filled, hearty breakfast.