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A big thankyou to Ginsu and M8 Sustainable Ltd

We are very thankful to Ginsu and M8 for donating over 4000 tonnes of compactable dirt to site.  This has enabled us to continue working through the lockdown period and in the weeks that followed where we had further cancellation of camps.  With only the cost of diesel for the bobcat and dingo, limestone blocks and cement, we have been able to begin work on a lasting improvement to the grounds.  We are working on a new grassed area for extra dining space and outdoor activities as well as on defining a large drop-off and parking area for future conventions.  Recently, Challenge News generously gave us Kevin Taffurelli for a day.  Kevin wired in the lights and power on all the posts around the new grassy area.  Stay tuned for more photos as we progress.

For those of you with a keen eye, you will notice in the background of the photos that Phil Williams has been busy painting buildings - starting with the auditorium.  Next time you visit, check out the re-vamped Dewing house.  Rod Heape has also been steadily improving huts by replacing doors and painting each of the rooms and corridoors.  Huts 5 and 6 are looking better every day!  He recently painted the office.  Looks amazing!   Where would we be without the generous support of volunteers who continually give of their time and resources to maintain and improve the grounds and buildings?  We thank God for you all!!!

DONATIONS TO KESWICK Ministry at Camp Wattle Grove

Keswick Ministries Perth is completely reliant on donations from you, as well as financial support from camps through Camp Wattle Grove.  Please encourage your churches to use our facilities for their family camps and retreats.

Click here to give donations using PAYPAL to the ongoing ministry of Perth Keswick Convention.

You can also donate directly using our bank details below

BSB: 036306

Account number: 292039

Account Name: Orange Grove Keswick Convention

This money goes towards maintenance of buildings and ongoing costs for flying in speakers and updating equipment. You can also specifically give to MISSIONS or the building of HUT 7 by specifying where you want to give in the donation comments section. (eg Site, Missions or Building Fund).